@P@ 1  When you’re faced with a huge decision like whether or not to buy a house, who has time for clothes?
Safety fi rst! Pants might be dispensable, but helmets aren’t on Dating Naked
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Nude reality shows – nakedly ambitious or barely entertaining? J
ust when you thought reality TV couldn’t get any weirder, it goes and gets naked. Exposing itself as a hit with viewers, Dating Naked is a show about fi nding love. The catch? Everyone is nude. O   ering a similar clothes-free premise, Buying Naked features a real estate agent in a nudist colony showing her undressed clients around potential properties. So, what do we think? Are the infl ux of nude shows simply the next step in the evolution of reality TV? Or have we come too far when we see a naked couple zip lining on a fi rst date?  Sex therapist SOMERSET MAXWELL says, ‘Stop right now!’
I don’t get how seeing people buy houses or date in the nude is of any bene   t. Is it too much to ask that people still have their gear on when they play a game show or look into buying property? I feel we would only watch shows like Dating Naked and Buying Naked so we can pick apart, criticise and feel above those on TV, and that’s wrong. We are so hypercritical of people in the public eye and we don’t need to add more fuel to that by way of people doing everyday things naked! Having people cringe at your nude beach picnic with a guy you just met is all kinds of wrong. If we start removing clothes as a requirement on TV, we are losing the   nal shred of dignity potentially still existing in reality TV. I mean, what’s next? Naked Family Feud?
Media analyst NICK BHASIN (@nickbhasin) says less is more!
We all knew that reality TV would have to evolve – there are only so many times you can watch people on a date or sho
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Intentional nip-slips… empowering or embarrassing? 
It’s just a bit of fl esh, says sex therapist SOMERSET MAXWELL 
Who are we to say what is classy or appropriate and to censor someone’s right to do whatever the heck they want! If Rihanna feels comfortable in her skin, who are we to judge? Scout Willis wanted to get people talking about censorship issues, and guess what… she succeeded! Breasts aren’t anything to be ashamed of. We should all learn from women who feel totally comfortable in their own skin.   e human body should be celebrated, not hidden, and society needs to learn not to be so prudish. At the end of the day it’s just   esh! Prudishness is ruining our sex lives and our self-esteem, and we need to learn to relax. Rihanna and Scout are curvy, sexual, feminine women… what is negative about that?
Put it away, says entertainment expert AMBER BRAMBLE 
Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great things you can say about Rihanna. She’s talented, beautiful and has a body so amazing that, frankly, it’s no surprise she’s   aunting it. I’m just not sure we needed to see quite THAT much at the CFDA awards. While some have called RiRi’s out   t (or lack of) a blatant publicity stunt, others suspect it may be a not-so-subtle hint to her estranged ex-boyfriend Drake under the guise of an Instagram protest. Either way – call me old-fashioned – I just don’t feel nipples are correct formal attire. One thing’s for sure, with more stars daring to bare, we’ve certainly come a long way from the days when nip-slips were considered a mortifying mishap!NOT OK!EXHIBITIONIST?
Just like Rihanna, Scout Willis decided to protest Instagram’s no-nudity policy, but went one step further and di

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