Whether you are single or in a relationship, counselling can be an excellent tool for negotiating stresses and concerns in your life. Sex therapy and relationship counselling can be very valuable to both singles and couples. It is important to know that there is no issue too sensitive to be discussed and all information imparted in therapy sessions is completely confidential. My goal is to improve the quality of your life and allow you to live more happily, stress free and provide you with tools to negotiate any problems in the future.

Couples Therapy


Mis-matched libido.
Low sexual desire.
Inability to communicate.
Intimacy and desire breakdowns.

Sexual Dysfunction


Inability to orgasm.
Premature Ejaculation.
Sex Addiction.
Painful Intercourse.

Pre Marriage Counselling


Techniques for conflict resolution.
Setting goals for marriage and relationships.
Development of intimacy and trust and techniques for maintaining intimacy and desire.

Singles Counselling


Techniques for meeting the right individual.
Realising your expectations.
Building your self esteem and self respect.
Recognising patterns of behaving and committing to change for happiness, companionship and intimacy.
Contraception, Safe Sex and STI prevention.